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Wednesday, 24th of Jule 2019
How to get shit done... even on the toilet


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We're currently experiencing extreme summer temperatures all over Europe. Luckily, for many of us, the summer break has already started. These are the lucky ones who can try to stay cool without having to bother about business. The rest of the working population now needs to find a way to keep working in extreme temperatures.

Read on and find out ways to stay productive and manage your people in a better way.

The old school way of working is to go to the office each day, be there for at least 8 hours and commute back home. You have to be there by a predefined time, lunch breaks are regulated, the length of the breaks is preset,. actually the only thing that you have to do is show up.
Unfortunately, there are still many companies that expect this kind of work routine in some way from their employees.
One of the first big questions that arise here is: what are these companies paying their employees for? Do they have a 'presence obligation' or a 'results obligation'?

From the point of maximising each employee's individual performance, there are probably better ways to do this.

"People perform better when they are in a performance stimulating environment!"
Based on this knowledge, some companies invest in refurbishing the office, or even implement Google-style office slides. But what this 'performance stimulating' environment exactly is, that's something that can change from moment to moment.

If I look at my own situation for example, I like to be outside when the sun is shining and temperatures rise. In such moments it's very hard for me to stay in an office environment, no matter how fancy or stimulating that office might be.
The best work environment for me under these summer conditions, is my hammock somewhere under the trees :-).

Some will join me in this, others will perform at their best in different conditions.
So, can we expect a company to foresee all those different environments?
A stimulating office, a strongly air conditioned space, a naturally ventilated room, a park with hammocks, perhaps even a pool and waterproof laptops ;-)
Probably not. And there's even no need to provide it all.

The beginning of each leadership style is that you are able to lead yourself!
So if you need to be outside to be productive in stringent summer conditions, then don't limit yourself and work where you can work best.
The same applies for the people you lead. Give them the freedom to perform at their best.

Most of us know what it is that we need to perform top notch. At the same time, most of us also know what doesn't work. While you might be more productive writing a blog, catching up on your email or on your LinkedIn connections in the park, writing that extremely theoretical academic paper in the park might have you too distracted. So also be honest with yourself ;-)

Now what if your company doesn't give you that freedom?
Well, then you need to go back to the first question I raised in the beginning of this blog: what is that you are paid for, presence or results?
If it is 'results' (what will probably be the case), then convince them that your results will be better if you can work in the right environment.
And proving them wrong can't be difficult, because you will not think better wearing a suit instead of shorts, you will not type faster sitting at your desk than sitting on a well installed bench, you will not be more creative in a strongly air conditioned room than under the leaves of a tree with a cool breeze playing with your hair.

It's summer, so enjoy it in the best possible way!
And keep those lessons of choosing your right environment for the right work in mind throughout the entire year, because you can apply them in every situation. Each task has its best way to do it, combined with the best place to do it in!
And if you lead your team, show them your trust and give them the freedom to choose their best performance environment. This gives you a double benefit: increased performance and team members with a higher sense of self-worth, because they feel you trust them!

Are you not sure what your optimal working conditions are to perform in the best possible way?
Do you need help negotiating with your manager to give you the freedom you deserve to be at your best?
Are you absolutely convinced that the working conditions of your employees/team mates are so specific that the content of this blog can not be applied?

Then please reach out to have a conversation. And depending on the weather, we can have that conversation in an office or a hammock ;-)

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O, and let's be honest, do you really think that the quality of this blog would have been better if it had been written in an overheated office without an inspiring view?

Written by Dennis Fredrickx, Integrity Coach & Business Booster
Dennis helps Ambitious Leaders to reach more in an easier way.

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