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Friday, 22th of December 2017
How you can avoid the dreadful New Year resolutions

New Year

It's that time of the year again where everybody is talking about reviewing the year, setting strong goals for the upcoming year, and smart techniques to really make those resolutions come true.
And yes, I don't escape this hype myself.
But let's be real, it's all bullshit (excuse me for the word).

I even have to disappoint those of you who are now laughing because you think you were smart and started budgeting somewhere in October. Also that has something to do with a bull...

Read on, and find out how you can avoid those New Year resolutions.

Friday, 15th of December 2017
'Sincere leadership', the leadership style of a true Ambitious Leader

Sincere Leadership

No matter how hard you try to be the best leader for your people, no matter how motivated your people are, if a friend or family member needs help, your people are out and on the rescue.
And that's totally normal and absolutely fine. But the principle behind it, is very interesting to improve your leadership style.

Connection and trust are 2 keywords in that.
Read on and discover what they mean for your leadership style.

Friday, 08th of December 2017
How to manage the unmanageable


Probably, somewhere in your career, you've already been in a situation where there is so much happening and so much chaos that you don't have any idea anymore on how to get through it. You're actually being lived by everything around you and it seems as if you can't get grip on anything anymore. Then what do you do?

If you've not yet been in such a situation, then be happy but also be prepared, because chances are very high that it will happen someday.
Perhaps you've been in such a situation, but getting out of the situation was as surprising as tumbling into it.
In both cases it's interesting to read on, and discover how you can manage the unmanageable.

Friday, 01st of December 2017
How you can sell any idea to anybody


As an Ambitious Leader you're actually in a selling position: you need to sell your ideas, and you need to sell your trustworthiness so that people are willing to follow you into a certain direction.

In most industries the days of hard selling are over. Selling becomes more attracting. And that surely applies to yourself when you want to deliver your message. Then you're attracting people who are willing to hear, and people who are willing to believe.

In this blog I will give you a structure that you can use to sell any of your ideas to anybody!

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