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Friday, 23rd of February 2018
The single most important tool for every leader


There are many leadership styles, many models, a lot of theories, and even more advice to apply. To choose which models/theories/principles are used best, is related to the specifications of your team/organisation, the structure, your personal preferences, your personality type, the number and level of people you work with,... but over all those tools and advices, there is one thing that is always coming back, independent of all circumstances and background.
The one thing that you, as a leader, should definitely work on!

Read this blog to find out what it is!


Friday, 9th of February 2018
How your behaviour has a bottom line effect


You're a leader, an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, or a freelancer. You have goals, or ambitions, for yourself or for your activities. So you can precisely say why you are doing everything you do, and where you want to get with your activities.
It can be as small as a freelancer who wants to make 500€ extra a month, or as big as an entrepreneur who wants to expand his business with another million in revenue.

The fact is that we all have a reason why we do what we do.
An interesting question however is whether the daily behaviour we show is actually in line with that overall goal or not?

If it is in line, then chances are pretty high you will actually achieve your goal.
If it is not in line, then you are limiting yourself.

In that case, you can discover in this blog what you can do about it.

Friday, 2nd of February 2018
Why you have to immediately stop doing what you do most

Stop Now

It's a bit a weird period of time right now. If you look back, you can still remember the holidays and New Year's eve as if it was yesterday. At the other hand, things are all running back as if they never stopped. This is the weird 10% mark. (yes, almost 10% of 2018 is already over!)

It's like starting a hike. After 10% of the trail the excitement of getting started fades away, but there's still a very long route (90%) in front of you.
You're too far to go back, and it's still too long to start counting down.
So how are you going to keep up?

Read along to find out!

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