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Friday, 27th of October 2017
How AI forces you to change your role as a leader


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, Quantum Artificial Intelligence,... all things that become stronger and more mature every day. It's only a matter of (a short) time until we are fully into the 'smart machine age'. And that will dramatically change the way how we work, and because of that also the role of leaders!

Read on and find out how future leadership will look.

Friday, 20th of October 2017
Never answer another 'how?' question again!


Almost all possible information and knowledge is only a few clicks or swipes away. So a lack of knowledge is actually not an excuse anymore to not be able to do something.
What could be a challenge, is to find the right information you need. And that's why being able to ask the 'right' questions is more important than ever before!

Read on and find out what 'good' questions are.

Friday, 13th of October 2017
The one thing that is more powerful then your purpose

I am...

If you follow a bit the personal development trends, then you are well aware of the importance of finding your purpose: finding or formulation the reason why you are doing what you do, or more in general, the reason why you are put on this earth for.
If you find that reason, then it can function as an internal compass guiding you through all difficult decisions and situations in your (professional) life.

A nice thing to have, such an internal compass. And that's the reason why so many coaches, counsellors, mentors and teachers are now talking about finding your 'WHY'.
But there's 1 thing that can make your purpose even more powerful. And if you're missing it, then your internal compass will malfunction from time to time.

Keep reading to find out what it is.

Friday, 06th of October 2017
Why Steve Jobs was absolutely right about this

Steve Jobs

You see a lot of things, you hear a lot of things, we're all constantly exposed to so many influences that it becomes very easy to be overwhelmed by all the wisdom and advice that's out there.
Lots of those insights are very logic and you understand them, but then years later, something happens and BOOOM, you don't only understand it, you suddenly totally get it.
That's what happened to me earlier this week with the memorable 'connecting the dots' speech of Steve Jobs.
Several years ago, I listened to his speech for the first time. Now, this week, I suddenly realised "hey, now that's what he was talking about!".

So let me tell you a story, and distract two powerful leadership lesson from it.

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