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Friday, 29th of September 2017
You think you know what coaching is? You're probably wrong!


At this moment everything is running pretty smooth for you. You don't actually face a problem. Sure there are some things that could be better, and probably you have some dreams and ambitions in the back of your mind.
At the same time you see and hear all those advertisements, announcements, blog posts, self-help books, podcasts, . of all those experts who are more than willing to help you. But you don't really have a problem, do you?
You even almost believe that you should have a problem when there is such a big market of problem solvers out there...
So all that coaching is not for you. Right?

Monday, 25th of September 2017
Why you should 'employ' a robot (even if you're a single entrepreneur)

Employ a robot

There are probably a lot of things you highly enjoy about your job (and if not, you should definitely do something about that!). Unfortunately, there are probably also several things you don't like about your job.
Mostly that are the things that are happening more in the sideline of your job. Things like the administration, your visibility, some parts of your reporting and communication. If you're an entrepreneur, it are probably things like your finances, marketing communication, follow-ups and reminders.
Noticeable is that it are all recurring things that happen with a certain pace, and probably don't require a lot of creativity.
So you don't like them, and they are repetitive. That means it are the exact right things to be automated!

Read on to hear about an experiment I put up in my own business, and learn how automation can run your business/job while you are enjoying something else!

Friday, 15th of September 2017
The easiest way to immediately have more impact


Effective communication is always built upon 2 elements: receiving and sending, listening and speaking, reading and reacting.
In the previous blog post, we looked at the importance of deep listening: listening with the main goal of understanding before answering. (click here to read that post).
To have an effective communication, both parts are equally important! So in this post we will look at the other part: the sending, speaking, answering or reacting part.

Read on, to discover the details.

Friday, 08th of September 2017
The most silent sign of true leadership

Silent Leadership

We live in a fast evolving world; a world where what is new today, is outdated tomorrow; a world with so much noise that you have to express yourself constantly to stay top of mind and be seen (as well in corporate life as in an entrepreneurial life); a world where there is more attention on speaking than on listening.
Look around you, there are so many courses on giving better presentations, on how to use your voice in a better way, on having impact, on marketing yourself, on personal branding,... All aimed on expressing yourself in a better way, all aimed towards the outside world.
But what about the other way? Are you able to really listen? And I don't mean listening to find an opening to get your answer or voice in between. No, I mean listening to really take the outside in.

Read here what it's all about, and how to do it.

vrijdag 01 september 2017
De 4 redenen waarom coaching beter niet gratis is

Pay For Coaching

"Coaching", een bijzonder rekbaar begrip dat in veel vormen aangeboden wordt, grotendeels ontastbaar is (want wat 'krijg' je eigenlijk als je met een coach werkt?), en waar je dan ook nog eens (veel) geld voor moet betalen. Is het dat wel waard? Want een goed gesprek of wat prikkelende vragen kun je toch ook vinden bij een wakkere collega of een scherpzinnige vriend.
Lees hier verder, en dan neem ik je mee voor een kijkje achter de schermen van een coachingsbusiness, waardoor je zal begrijpen waarom coaching beter niet gratis is.

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