"Getting the artist to work, regardless which discipline"

If every breath you take, would be a color
If every move you make, would be a brush stroke
If every bond you break, would be a dent in the canvas
At the end of the day you would have made a painting
It is your painting and you are probably happy with the result

But how beautiful is your painting really?

Everyone looking at it, perceives it in his or her most personal way
Art connoisseurs might indicate which style it is and what level of excellence it reached
If you want to become an excellent painter, a good coach can help you to reach that excellence

Dennis’ work is a combination of art gallery custodian and a painting teacher
He shows you around in his art gallery to recognize patterns, colors and painting styles
He’ll make you reflect about your own work and that of others, some of them brilliant artists
He makes you look at your previous paintings and whom they were meant for
But he’ll also show you how others perceive your work of art
He is brilliant in making you understand why a painting won’t or will be a big seller

Both Rubens and Picasso are regarded outstanding painters
They both had their background, their passion and their skills to make their “work of art”
Their style is very different and difficult to compare, but that doesn’t matter.
We must understand that people might have more appreciation for one art form over the other.
And therefore prefer one painter over the other
But we acknowledge that both painters were outstanding in what they did.
Both their oeuvre is without any doubt . . . excellent

You have your own painting style and you want to be outstanding in what you do.
Go find out if there’s a Rubens, Picasso… or maybe a De Vinci hiding in you
Dennis will coach you in getting the artist to work, regardless which discipline

Make your work of art!

Have a great vernissage!

Theo Pazzaia, Field Quality Manager, Philips Lighting