Our services: what we offer to the world

Ambitious Leader Programme
Our deep one-on-one coaching programme. For you leaders, with big ambitions, who have both the experience and knowledge to fulfill them, but who feel that -for some reason- the sweat you put in is not in line with the results you get out.
After going through this programme, you will:
  • feel more comfortable, experience more confidence and have more faith in a positive outcome with each and everything you do
Ambitious Team Programme
Our programme focussing on both individual and team development at the same time. Because I grow as we grow, and we grow as I grow.
This bespoke programme is composed of:
  • deep individual one-on-one coaching
  • tribe learning
  • hands-on group interventions
  • interactive learning moments
  • lasting peer support and buddy groups

Online learning modules
Our very specific online learning modules, each covering one topic.
Designed to help you with that one specific thing that you keep on struggling with, NOT to help you with a full blown personal or professional transformation.

We built these modules based on the most common questions/topics we see Ambitious Leaders struggle with. Each module focusses on the specificities, practical application and
Intensive Coaching Days
Our intensives let you experience the power of small open groups of 5 to 10 peers with mutual interests, combining deep individual coaching with the wisdom of the group.

Each intensive gives you a 3 to 5 day experience -held in inspiring locations- covering different topics and ways of working, all built around a specific central theme.

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Our other activities

The Aurelius Foundation
Our way of giving back to the world.

We utilise the Global Technology & Innovation platform to support high potential, underprivileged students in Suriname. By doing this, we give them the chance -that they need and deserve- to complete a successful educational trajectory and to kickstart their entrepreneurial spirit, thus supporting them in contributing to building up their country from within.