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Tuesday, 9th of June 2020
How your thinking is full of bullsh*t (rules)


Welcome to June 2020!
The month also known as 'Pride Month'. A month to raise awareness around the inclusion of the LGTB+ community into 'normal' society.
And this year, also the month that the world is heavily protesting -mostly peacefully, but also with riots in many big cities- against the inequality between people of colour and white people (and especially against the heightened police violence against people of colour).
But you've read my first 4 words correctly... Welcome to June 2020!

Exactly, June 2020!?!

20 Years into the 21st century -the age where digital transformation is accelerating faster than ever before (driven by the corona pandemic), the year where artificial intelligence is present in every aspect of our lives (we all carry a piece of AI in the pocket of our trousers), the year of hyper-connectivity (never before has more data been sent/streamed over the internet), even the exact moment in time that humanity has successfully travelled to space with the first commercially built spacecraft (SpaceX's Crew Dragon).

And still we're facing the daily violation of and fighting for the primary right of equality?


Thursday, 7th of May 2020
How to #stayinside while being out

Stay Home

All over the world, countries are slowly relaxing their covid-measures. Slowly, the world is returning to its 'normal' state of being. But how 'slow' will 'slowly' be?

I see and hear very mixed signals. Lufthansa is preparing itself to only start flying again in autumn; others -on social media- clearly express they're craving to do business as usual as soon as possible; while still others are almost sad that the global lockdown is coming to an end. Personally, I'm in it with very mixed feelings myself.
But 1 thing is very clear: I don't want to return to the '-old- normal' again.

Keep on reading to find out what I want the '-new- normal' to look like, and how you can define yours.


Tuesday, 7th of April 2020
How to keep safe in times of corona, and after (but sorry, you're already too late!)

Corona virus

Saying that corona, covid-19, is everywhere, is quite the understatement. Every government, every community, and every company is taking emergency measures. People all over the world are wishing each other to "keep safe".

But "keeping safe" is not something you start to do the moment danger is looking you in the eyes, breathing down your neck.
"Keeping safe" is a continuous path that had to start years, perhaps even decades, ago.

Keep on reading to learn how you can "keep safe", not for this pandemic, but for the ones to come.


Thursday, 27th of February 2020
Why a 3-day workshop could help you more than a 6-month programme (and why not)


If you are familiar with Lean Production / Lean Management, then you've probably heard of the term 'Kaizen' -the Japanese expression for continuous improvement by daily action.
It is a very powerful way of improving. Not striving for big or difficult changes, just an everlasting continuous sequence of small steps. In the end, it is the continuous drop of water that will eventually hollow out the stone, not the gushing out of 10 litre of water at once.
And although the idea behind this is very clear and logical, it remains tempting to ask yourself the question of whether you could speed up the process. Would the result be the same if those -figuratively speaking- drops of water follow closer after each other? And where lays that tipping point that they follow each other up too soon (or too slow) in order to enable you to maximise the effect?

Keep reading, and we will dive deeper into which approach is most suitable for you, to maximise your development as an ambitious leader.


Thursday, 23rd of January 2020
How long will you keep on trying?

Keep on trying

The coaching industry is becoming an established, multi-million industry. Where in the past it was almost a humiliation to admit that you needed support to achieve something, these days it's seen more and more like a cool thing to have a coach by your side.
This makes that there are 'coaches' popping up everywhere. And by now you can probably fill an entire dictionary with all the different kinds of 'coaches' under every letter of the alphabet.
And as such, this isn't a bad thing. OK, some questions might arise around the quality of the support you can get, but I'm pretty convinced that the wheat will be separated from the chaff once the field becomes fully normalised and the sexiness of stepping in the industry is beyond us.
But as said, it isn't a bad thing that you can find support for almost every little aspect of life. The challenges we face, the societal pressure we put on ourselves, and the external stimuli we constantly get, have never in history been higher than today. So, yes, I totally understand the need for support.
The big question, however, is WHEN do you actually need to reach out for support? From the moment you feel yourself struggling a bit? Or is it a good thing to hustle yourself through some things for a while?

Keep on reading, and learn to identify the sweet spot between trying things by yourself and asking for help.


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