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Monday, 17th of June 2019
The single most important delegation mistake, and how to avoid it


You're ambitious and want to perform at the top of your game. You take up a lot of work to get things moving forward, and because of that you have the impression that you're always running short of time. Perhaps you also have the feeling that you are regularly spending your precious time on things you shouldn't be doing, or that less important things are eating up your time (like going through your inbox for example - see our previous blog 'Yesterbox' for a solution to that ;-) ).

And then those smart consultants/teachers/coaches come in, telling you that you have to delegate more. But you've already tried that one, right? And you ended up with even more work afterwards, right?

If you recognise yourself in this short scenario, you definitely have to read on!


Monday, 6th of May 2019


'Yesterbox' is a way to handle your email inbox created by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos.com.
His problem was, like with many of us, that he received too many emails and found himself constantly chasing his inbox to keep up.
By handling your inbox with the 'Yesterbox' principle, you can easily bring your "emails to reply"-list back to 0 and keep it that way without spending countless hours in your mail program.


Friday, 27th of April 2018
Why 50% of your problems are completely irrelevant


Yes! You've read the tittle correctly, 50% of all of your problems are indeed a big waste of time and completely irrelevant!

Once you realise that the solutions for your problems lay on a different level, then you will start to recognize that you're probably working on a lot of things that you shouldn't be working on.
To discover that, you shouldn't focus on the present moment, but you need to have a long term perspective.

Read this blog to find out everything about it.


Friday, 20th of April 2018
How derailment and getting back on track is part of your job


You work hard, you push things forward, you're permanently on top of everything, and still there are those moments when things run out of control, when everything seems to be stuck, and when you really have the feeling that your work is completely derailed.

Then how do you deal with such a derailment, and how do you get back on track?

Keep reading, and discover it in this blog post!


Friday, 13th of April 2018
How to deal with the variety of business parameters

Industrial Engineering

A business, regardless of whether it's a small or a big one, is a complex system of many different parameters and influence factors.
People, cash flow, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, materials,... all have an influence on the performance level of your team/business. And you, as a leader, must be able to manage (or at least oversee) it all.
With that degree of complexity, it's not a surprise that you -just as many other leaders- sometimes lose the overview and miss an element.

And there's nothing wrong with that, we're humans, and humans make mistakes and drop stitches!
But, there's a solution for that!

Read along, and discover how you can handle this complexity.


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