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Thursday, 23rd of January 2020
How long will you keep on trying?

Keep on trying

The coaching industry is becoming an established, multi-million industry. Where in the past it was almost a humiliation to admit that you needed support to achieve something, these days it's seen more and more like a cool thing to have a coach by your side.
This makes that there are 'coaches' popping up everywhere. And by now you can probably fill an entire dictionary with all the different kinds of 'coaches' under every letter of the alphabet.
And as such, this isn't a bad thing. OK, some questions might arise around the quality of the support you can get, but I'm pretty convinced that the wheat will be separated from the chaff once the field becomes fully normalised and the sexiness of stepping in the industry is beyond us.
But as said, it isn't a bad thing that you can find support for almost every little aspect of life. The challenges we face, the societal pressure we put on ourselves, and the external stimuli we constantly get, have never in history been higher than today. So, yes, I totally understand the need for support.
The big question, however, is WHEN do you actually need to reach out for support? From the moment you feel yourself struggling a bit? Or is it a good thing to hustle yourself through some things for a while?

Keep on reading, and learn to identify the sweet spot between trying things by yourself and asking for help.


Wednesday, 18th of December 2019
The single most important thing to do in the upcoming weeks/months

One thing to do

The festive season lies before us. Many people will be celebrating Christmas and New Year. Gathering up with friends and family, going home if you're abroad, travelling to loved ones if you're separated,... a jolly time of coziness and pleasure, a clear break from our normal professional routines.
Suddenly our priorities shift. Which is a good thing, because taking a few days off to step out of your routines can suddenly make you look at those routines with different eyes when stepping back in: new ideas, new understandings, new intentions (and no, I'm not going to talk about the pros and cons of New Year's resolutions here ;-) ).

But did you know that you could get even more out of the festive season, just by taking a simple extra step?

Keep on reading, and discover what it is.


Monday, 25th of November 2019
What I learned from a very strict commuter


Let's return for a moment to the pleasant and warm days of summer.
It was August, my kids were with us in London, and they had taken up the dazzling challenge to go on an all English sports camp (although they don't yet speak a word of English as they live in Belgium most of the time :o ).
For a full week, they participated in a variety of typically English sports: cricket, rugby, tennis, but also football, and BMX!
Each morning we walked up to the park where the camp was being held, they had a great day, and in the evening we walked back home. The camp started at 10 am sharp, so every morning we went through the same route around the same time.

Already on the second day, I began to notice something about the route we were walking, and about the people we were crossing.
What seemed like a piteous routine at first, turned out to be the most undervalued leadership skill someone can possess!

Curious to discover what it is? Keep reading...


Friday, 11th of October 2019
How making a 10,000$ investment, and not showing up, was the best investment ever

Stepping out

If you follow our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), you probably have seen the above picture before.
It was posted on the day we stepped out of a coaching event that we were attending (yes, coaches need be coached too ;-) ).
Due to privacy reasons, I will not share more information about the event itself, but I can assure you that it was a high paying event, that we were really looking forward to it... and that we decided to walk away.
Keep on reading and discover why we did so, what we have learned from doing so, and how we gained much more out of not being present than we could ever have gained by staying put.


Monday, 2nd of September 2019
How being small makes you big!

Before you start reading, please spend 4 minutes and 31 seconds of your precious time to watch the video above. It makes you zoom out and put things into perspective.

Many of us just returned from a well deserved holiday break. A period where we were able to set things aside, slow down and reconnect to those things that are really important.
Unfortunately, we tend to forget about those things very quickly and after only a few days (perhaps even only hours) back in the office, we're drawn into the rat race again.

Do you want to stay out?
Then keep on reading...


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