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Tuesday, 12th of October 2021
The red or the blue pill, it's your choice to make an impact, from mediocre to outstanding!

Red or Blue pill?

The downside of living and working in London, is that you are constantly exposed to a lot of anti-social behaviour: people who park their car in front of your gate, blocking the inhabitants of 14 flats to get in or out, without giving a f*ck; people not showing up on reservations and appointments, without notice; people walking in the streets as if they're the only one walking there; people judging others, purely on the basis of skin colour, diploma or how they look;...

I know, this isn't only a Londoner's problem. The same things happen anywhere a lot of people gather together.
But why?
Aren't we -as humans- social beings by nature? And have we already forgotten the biggest lesson we all learned during the world's lockdown: our basic need for true social contact?

And while this anti-social behaviour flourishes in all sections of society, we're all too busy with our day to day business/hustle, numbing and soothing ourselves and finding comfort in social media posts that stay in the obvious and only kick open doors.

We're not ready for the truth, and we're not ready to change it.

It's like in 'The Matrix': do you choose the red or the blue pill?
And are you ready to make a real difference?

Read on, and find out how.

Every era needs its rebels. People who don't give a f*ck about mainstream acceptance or what others might think of them, people who do things completely different to break and change the rules. But let me put one thing straight to you:

If you want to break the rules, then do it innovatively, making sure you're bringing humanity forward.
If you want to be narcissistic, because you're convinced you're right and all others are wrong, then don't forget that people will only truly admire you when they love you, not when they loathe you.
And yes, please, have the guts to stand out, and like my colleague Frank likes to say: "speak Frankly"!
But don't be the anti-social bastard.

And people see and experience the need for this, because whenever I explain The Happiness Factory's vision, I always get reactions like: "O, then you will have A LOT of work! This is needed SO much..."

We believe in a world where people are more connected, love what they do -energised, passionate and fulfilled-, and through this contribute to the bigger whole. We believe in an economy where people, purpose, planet and profit come together.

But at the same time, it seems as if most people who hear about our vision, shift the responsibility for achieving it completely back to us, instead of stepping in, and doing something about this change they want to see.
It feels as if they're saying: "Yes, you're right, but I'm already too busy minding my own business.", exactly like the lumberjack with the blunt axe, too busy to sharpen it, and consequentially not able to achieve the full progress he could make.
All lulled to sleep by the maelstrom of life.

Luckily, the entirety of the population isn't like that!

On my latest run through the park, I overheard a family conversation while passing them by. It went something like this:

Dad (a black man) explaining something to his daughter (I couldn't hear what exactly because I was still too far away).
Daughter's reaction with big astonishment: "Really? And have you ever experienced any of these things?"
Mom (a white woman): "Probably all of them!"
Daughter thinking for a split second and replying: "Mommy, would tutoring those small-minded people be a solution?"

I didn't hear the real subject of the conversation, but I think it's more than clear what it was about.

In a child's mind, it's so simple. And perhaps, indeed, it shouldn't be more complex than that.
Things are -most of the time- in their essence, really simple.
We can all make a difference. We can all BE the difference.
Simply by acting differently*.
Simply by reacting differently*.
Simply by leading differently*.

* Differently in the sense of: we're all human beings, who all want to contribute to a bigger whole that brings humanity forward (and forward doesn't always mean more, bigger, brighter, better); and that within an economic reality where people, profit, planet and purpose, all come together.

So, what do you choose?
The blue pill, numbing you, soothing you, thus remaining in contented ignorance?
Or the red pill, seeing 'reality' with different eyes, stepping onto a potentially unsettling or life-changing path, ready to bring the world forward?

If you like what you're reading here, if you align with The Happiness Factory's vision, and if you're inclined towards the 'red pill' idea, but you're still wondering 'How?' to exactly step in or start your journey to become a more Sincere Leader, then I can assure you: the path won't be easy and it will take time and effort, but the results and rewards you get along the way are more than worth it!

Just reach out, and we can discuss your specific situation, for you and/or for your team/company.
We will be happy to guide you along your path!
Book an appointment with The Happiness Factory using SetMore
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Written by Dennis Fredrickx, Coach for Ambitous Leaders
Dennis helps Ambitious Leaders to reach more in an easier way.

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