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Dennis Fredrickx I'm educated as an electro-mechanical engineer with a specialisation in automation. In the beginning of my career, I worked within this technical field and experienced what it's like to be in different management and leadership positions. Additional training and specialisations in the areas of 'industrial engineering', 'lean management', 'management consultancy', 'master coaching' and 'playful coaching', led me to become the founder of The Happiness Factory (since 2011), a company focussed on boosting your business by helping ambitious leaders to reach more in an easier way.
With this background and my permanent study to keep up with the latest trends, I have the skills, the insights, and the experience needed to work with ambitious leaders, while staying in touch with the technical and business side of the context we're working in.
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In essence, I'm a coach. However, coaching is such a broad concept and it can be performed in so many ways, that when you are in search of 'a coach', you still don't know what to expect from that 'coaching'.

If you choose me as your 'coach', you opt for a very unique approach; because everybody human being has a different skill set, different experiences, a different way of looking at things, and a different way of working.
By choosing me, you choose experience -I'm a certified MasterCoach since 2007-, you choose an entrepreneurial approach -I founded The Happiness Factory in 2010, am leading 2 other companies and 1 foundation-, you choose 'accountability & clarity' -read below why that's in my nature-, and you choose someone who has earned his spurs in the most challenging of industries -automotive, R&D, logistics, food, and services.

So what is typical of me?
  • I'm the dad of 4 adorable kids. Managing this complex social system is a very interesting form of leadership, where personal growth and development is a constant central theme.
  • I have a passion for running, and like to do rock climbing occasionally.
    With a background in athletics, I performed competitive sports at the highest level for more than 20 years. This made me grow up in a world of "no pain, no gain": work, sweat, and dedication to be successful.
    You can also expect this in my work: 100% dedication, perseverance, continuous experimentation and exploration to make you achieve your goals and dreams.
  • As an engineer by education, I'm analytical - I really want to understand what is happening precisely - and at the same time I'm also very pragmatic - experimentation above theorisation.
  • I am a very calm person, and I like to slow you down. "Slow down to speed up!"
  • I enjoy the freedom of nature, free thoughts and floating dreams.
    But I also like to make things tangible, concrete, and clear.
  • I prefer deep connections with an open style of communication above 'chitchat' and 'small talk'.
    This makes that I like to take the time to really get to know you, to really build a connection with you, simply because I am really and sincerely interested in you as a person. Who knows, perhaps I'm meeting my 'next best friend'.
    Therefore, my conversations will never have a purely commercial purpose.
  • Depth and focus are my nicknames.
    A positive, happy, and radiant attitude is my nature.
  • And I really get the jitters of passivity and not taking initiative to change your situation. The status quo must and will be challenged!

  • The programmes I like to facilitate most, are the 'Ambitious Leader Programme' and the 'Ambitious Team Programme'.

Are you someone who finds peace, balance, deep connection, freedom and tangible results important as well?
Are you looking for extra direction and guidance, and are you prepared to take matters into your own hands, starting from a positive approach and ready to work hard and focused?

Then there is a big chance that we will get along very well!

So I would love to meet you!

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