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Friday, 24th of November 2017
The one thing that can reveal what you already know (but are not aware of)

Mystical force

You're totally excited about a new project, but still something is holding you back; or you don't get activated, although every thing seems to be in place to make it a success.
Perhaps it's the other way around: everything looks like a mess, and still you're very determined and you just know that a big turnaround is very close.

Strange, isn't it, that sometimes there seems to be an invisible force that hinders or boosts you.

Read on to find out how to unravel that invisible force and use it to become an even stronger leader.

We can do very mystic or esoteric about that so called "invisible force". We can even elevate it to a spiritual or divine level. Or we can keep our feet on the ground and realise that our body is a complex system of sensors being able to pick up much more information and signals then we are actually aware of. Not all information and not every signal we pick up is consciously processed.
Think about the example of how you just 'feel' that someone is standing behind you.

All those little signals and all that information is in some way stored into our body or mind.
That unconsciously stored bundle of information is called the 'deep knowing'.
It are things that you picked up, things you learned without realising it, your gut feeling, your intuition,...
I will not go into the process of how that 'deep knowing' is created or how you 'stored' that information. I will focus now on how you can use it.

Just assume that there is that extra hard drive installed in your body/mind. An extra hard drive that you can use to find special answers. Then how can you gain access to that special drive?
Well, I don't think there is 1 technique that fits for everybody. You will have to find your own way to get access to that special knowing installed in you.
What a frustrating and disillusioning answer, isn't it.

Luckily there is a general answer on how to find your own way!
It's called coaching!

For me coaching is a way of mirroring your own thoughts, ideas and behaviour patterns.
Coaching is not a way to go for solving a problem, or to install new knowledge or insights.
The mirroring function of a coach brings you to your 'deep knowing'. The coach confronts (mirrors) you with the things you say, think, or do, and because of that mirroring you suddenly see much more of yourself then when you don't look into a mirror (just like with a real mirror). And in that reflection you will also see those things that you already knew, but were not aware of. Raising those things into your scope of awareness can give you a lot of extra (decision) power!

Now a coach can use many different mirroring techniques, and the technique is mostly not that important, as long as it works for you.
Of course not every coach can master every technique, and usually a coach has mastered one or a few specific techniques/styles.

So the coaching style itself, or the techniques used by a coach, is not making one coach better than another coach. It's just a way of mirroring to get you to your deep inner knowing.
And for you -as a buyer of the service of coaching- the challenge is to find a coach who uses a style/technique that feels good for you and fits your personality.

My personal coaching style is a pretty direct, cognitive style: mirroring and confronting you mainly verbally, supported with measurable and demonstrable progress, results and body data. One program is supported by walking to stimulate the reflective and thinking process from another level.

Do you want to experience my coaching style?
Then book a free Clarity session with me so we can look at your current challenges, your blocking points, and the hidden obstacles that are holding you back, to transfer them into actions to let you reach more in an easier way.
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Written by Dennis Fredrickx

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