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Tuesday, 7th of April 2020
How to keep safe in times of corona, and after (but sorry, you're already too late!)

Corona virus

Saying that corona, covid-19, is everywhere, is quite the understatement. Every government, every community, and every company is taking emergency measures. People all over the world are wishing each other to "keep safe".

But "keeping safe" is not something you start to do the moment danger is looking you in the eyes, breathing down your neck.
"Keeping safe" is a continuous path that had to start years, perhaps even decades, ago.

Keep on reading to learn how you can "keep safe", not for this pandemic, but for the ones to come.

The majority of our human population is in a very unhealthy condition. Many of us are overweight, smoke, drink alcohol, live a very inactive life, don't do any form of sports, are completely overstressed, don't sleep enough and eat processed rubbish.
And then we are surprised that, after many years of deliberately destroying our lungs (for the smokers), we are at high risk when a new virus attacks our weakest spot.
For years we have been undermining our natural immune system, by not giving it the essential elements it needs to perform at its best. For decades we have been putting all of our trust in the pharmaceutical industry, hoping that the next set of pills will keep us going.
The entire population pyramid has been turned upside down, with more retired people than professionally active people, able to support the elderly (at least in the western world).
And still we are surprised and indignant, that one 'simple' virus can demolish our belief of being the 'übermensch', controlling the planet, the eco-system, and preferably the entire universe.

"Keeping safe" is not something you can do right now, overnight. It's a process that should have started years ago. A process in which you had to be paying attention to your physical health more accurately. But also -equally important- to your mental health, because that's what keeps you going in times of uncertainty and adversity.

I'm not a health expert, and I'm absolutely not claiming to be Superman, but I do know that I've been doing sports and living an active life for as long as I can remember. I do know that I keep a close eye on my weight, especially now that I'm turning 40 and that I literally feel the processes in my body (like my metabolism) change. I do know that I gave up on drinking alcohol and coffee about 10 years ago. I do know that I pay attention to my sugar intake, do relaxation exercises on a daily basis, and measure the quality of my sleep.
This doesn't make me indestructible, and I'm absolutely not going to claim that, but it gives me the feeling of being ready for things to come.
Not only virus outbreaks (because you never know how weak or strong you might be against an unknown attacker), but just things in general.

And I think that that is one of the most important qualities an Ambitious Leader has to possess: being prepared, and being ready for things to come!

The disadvantage is that you never know what's coming or what will be thrown at you as an Ambitious Leader. It can be a virus outbreak, it can be the next financial crisis, it can be the combination of both, it can be destructively changing market conditions,... you will never know. So yes, you will have to prepare yourself for everything.

And for me, that means that you, as an Ambitious Leader, have to strive to always be in your most optimal and most performant state of being.
And yes, that means physical development, mental development, emotional development, and spiritual development. Combining them all, putting these things into place with the right (business) processes, and being able to maintain them at the highest possible level.

Sounds like a big deal, doesn't it?
Don't let yourself be overwhelmed. Our Ambitious Leader Programme has it all covered for you as an individual, and our Ambitious Team Programme can support you together with your team.
But let's start small. A Clarity-session offers you the opportunity to analyse, together with us, where your biggest opportunities lay to grow -on an individual and/or team level- to become your most performant self!

So if you want to be more 'ready' for things to come, or if you want to grow your sense of being able to take up whatever might come your way -simply because now you know you're playing at the top of your game- then don't hesitate to reach out and have a free Clarity-session with us.
It helps you to become better in everything you do, or to create clarity when you are in doubt, uncertain or overwhelmed when things are thrown at you (like how to deal with this outbreak).

Book an appointment with The Happiness Factory using SetMore

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Written by Dennis Fredrickx, Coach for Ambitous Leaders
Dennis helps Ambitious Leaders to reach more in an easier way.

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