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Thursday, 23rd of January 2020
How long will you keep on trying?

Keep on trying

The coaching industry is becoming an established, multi-million industry. Where in the past it was almost a humiliation to admit that you needed support to achieve something, these days it's seen more and more like a cool thing to have a coach by your side.
This makes that there are 'coaches' popping up everywhere. And by now you can probably fill an entire dictionary with all the different kinds of 'coaches' under every letter of the alphabet.
And as such, this isn't a bad thing. OK, some questions might arise around the quality of the support you can get, but I'm pretty convinced that the wheat will be separated from the chaff once the field becomes fully normalised and the sexiness of stepping in the industry is beyond us.
But as said, it isn't a bad thing that you can find support for almost every little aspect of life. The challenges we face, the societal pressure we put on ourselves, and the external stimuli we constantly get, have never in history been higher than today. So, yes, I totally understand the need for support.
The big question, however, is WHEN do you actually need to reach out for support? From the moment you feel yourself struggling a bit? Or is it a good thing to hustle yourself through some things for a while?

Keep on reading, and learn to identify the sweet spot between trying things by yourself and asking for help.


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