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Friday, 30th of March 2018
How trust in nothingness can be a business model


We're dedicated, we're committed, we're working hard, and we try to control or even force our business results into the right direction.
But have you ever made an analysis of your personal effectiveness? How much energy and time you put in compared towards the real results that come out?
OK, we can argue about what we see as 'results', and that it is probably more then only the financial results. But even then, I see many leaders who put so much effort into their work, but who get so less satisfaction and results out of it.

So be very honest to yourself while answering this question:
"Do your people really understand how much you put in?"

If your answer is a straight 'NO', or if this question triggers a feeling of being a bit lonely in your leadership role, then you should read on!


Friday, 16th of March 2018
Do I need to be afraid?


Because of my background as an engineer, I like to be up to date about all sorts of new technologies and evolutions. The majority of those things make me enthusiastic about the future. Many 'new' technologies, like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, will have a big impact on how we live, work and lead. I realise that some people and leaders are a bit unaware or even scared about the impact of all those technological influences. Personally I'm not afraid of those evolutions because they also bring a lot of opportunities for businesses and society.

But, two weeks ago, I was on a seminar where the concept of blockchain was explained, and I have to admit that that was the first time when I really thought: "holy crap..."

Read along and discover why we potentially must be very scared right now...


Friday, 09th of March 2018
How micro habits can make you a better leader

Micro Habit

Big changes don't come overnight. It is a series of consistent actions that create change.
And to kick in an open door: change is the only constant.
Contradictory to that, most people are in search for stability.

That contradiction is an important fact for your leadership role. You should provide the stability while -at the same time- constantly strive for the next change.
Being very consistent as a person, and consistent in your behaviours and actions, is a good way to be a trustworthy leader.

To be consistent, it can help you a lot if you have habits and routines installed for yourself.
And the same logic applies here: change doesn't come overnight. So to create those habits and routines, you need to have a series of smaller steps first, micro habits.

Read along to discover how you can create those micro habits.


Friday, 02nd of March 2018
Too much to do, too less time to do it? Ask yourself these 3 questions!

Time Management

If you are a follower of my work, then you probably already know that I promote energy management above time management. The reason for it is obvious: if you don't have the energy to do what you want to do (or should do, or are expected to do), then it will never work, no matter which time management system or tools you use.

Another advantage of living and working with high energy, is that you will notice very quickly the relativity of time. If you don't have the energy, everything will take much longer. When you are loaded with energy, you can perform much more work in a much shorter time.

However, even when you have the right energy, it might happen that you still have so much to do that you need a structure to get through it.

Read along to discover which questions you can ask yourself to get things done.


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