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Wednesday, 18th of December 2019
The single most important thing to do in the upcoming weeks/months

One thing to do

Read this article later:

The festive season lies before us. Many people will be celebrating Christmas and New Year. Gathering up with friends and family, going home if you're abroad, travelling to loved ones if you're separated,... a jolly time of coziness and pleasure, a clear break from our normal professional routines.
Suddenly our priorities shift. Which is a good thing, because taking a few days off to step out of your routines can suddenly make you look at those routines with different eyes when stepping back in: new ideas, new understandings, new intentions (and no, I'm not going to talk about the pros and cons of New Year's resolutions here ;-) ).

But did you know that you could get even more out of the festive season, just by taking a simple extra step?

Keep on reading, and discover what it is.

The key word here is 'reflection': some serious thoughts or considerations about what's going on, how you're dealing with stuff, what you're doing right and want to keep doing, what you're willing to change or improve, and even what you're willing to stop doing (and why, because that's a very important element in every change!).

Just by stepping out of your normal routine, by being in a cozy, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and by talking to people who you haven't spoken to in a long time, can bring up some of those reflective thoughts spontaneously.
But are you going to leave it up to pure coincidence whether those thoughts come up or not? Or are you going to take things into your own hands and make sure that your act of stepping out will definitely help you in the way you step back in?
As you are an Ambitious Leader, I'm pretty convinced that you'll choose the second option.

And before losing you here -because I hear some readers think "I don't need to continue reading, I already reflect on a regular basis..."-, I want to point out that there's one way of reflection that's even more powerful than just you hustling through your own thoughts.

A structured way of reflecting, where you are guided through your thoughts by an experienced challenger who questions everything you see as 'normal', will definitely help you in looking at the same thing with different eyes. And once you have those different eyes, things can change definitely and dramatically!

Whether things really shift or just remain the same once you start looking differently at the same stuff, all depends on your own ability to take transformative action. But the more clarity you have around your current situation, AND around the actions that you are willing to take (formulated in a real actionable way, not just as a wish list), the higher your chances on real life changing results.

And that's the gift I'm offering to you this festive season: I've opened up additional opportunities in my calendar for you to have a Clarity-session with me.

A Clarity-session is a free 90 minute session that will help you clarify your current situation and the steps you need to take to make progress.
The session is especially interesting for Ambitious Leaders: leaders who want to reach more in an easier way and understand that the impact they make is directly linked to their own development as a person, both in private and in business.

In a Clarity-session: By having a Clarity-session, we can also discover whether a deep one-on-one coaching programme is a suited approach for you. In that way, you can become eligible for one of the six personal coaching spots that are open for the beginning of 2020.

Do you feel addressed? Then don't waste any time, and make your appointment straight away.
Book an appointment with The Happiness Factory using SetMore

You don't feel addressed? Perhaps you know someone for whom this might be a perfect opportunity. Just let me know how to get in contact with this person, or directly forward this email to your contact.

And let's stay connected, sooner or later, that connection will be beneficial to the both of us :-)
There are many ways to do so: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Podcast, Reflective Runners Group,...

Kindest, warm, and festive regards,

Written by Dennis Fredrickx, Coach for Ambitous Leaders
Dennis helps Ambitious Leaders to reach more in an easier way.

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